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Color Tissue Paper & Floral Tissue

Premium Tissue Paper in Bulk

Our premium color tissue paper comes in many beautiful shades and has multiple size and packaging options. These bright colors are perfect for craft projects, gift bags or using inside gift boxes and floral arrangements. The uses are endless. Check out our blog and how to video on how to make tissue paper flowers.

Nashville Wraps solid color tissue is available in full reams of 480 sheets (20x30" or 20x26" ) or small packs of 24 sheets. While most of our tissue paper is soft folded, we also offer 20x30" and 15x20" sheets packed flat. All of our color tissue is made from 100% recycled material in the USA.

Gemstone Color Tissue Paper

These brightly colored tissue sheets are adorned with holographic glitter. Gemstone color tissue paper will add a little sparkle to your paper shopping bags or grab everyone's attention on a display.

Non-Woven Floral Tissue

This unique feeling non–woven tissue paper is perfect for flower wraps, gifts and can be used just like regular tissue in gift bags. The color does not rub off or bleed when wet, so it is perfect to accent a floral arrangement or wrap a vase. This fabric like tissue is thicker and stronger than paper tissue, and offers added protection on high end or fragile products.

From Our Blog

Tissue is a staple for dressing up gifts and packages, but there are many creative uses for it too.

Here are a few customer favorites: