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Food Packaging & Carry Out Containers

Nashville Wraps Customizable Brown Kraft Shopping Bags

Brown Kraft Shopping Bags

Select sizes on Sale! Brown Kraft gift bags with paper twist handles.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Bags

Recycled Brown Paper Bags

Select sizes on Sale! Recycled brown paper bags with handles for retail

Nashville Wraps Customizable White Kraft Shopping Bags

White Kraft Shopping Bags

Select sizes on Sale! White paper shopping bags with white handles.

Nashville Wraps Side Gusset 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Gusset Clear 1.2 mil Cellophane Bags

Clear cellophane bags with gussets for candy, cookies and wine.

Nashville Wraps Recycled White Paper Bags

Recycled White Kraft Bags

Select sizes on Sale! Recycled white paper bags with handles.

Nashville Wraps Wave Top Retail Plastic Bags

Wave Top Retail Plastic Bags

Plastic retail bags with a wave top design and die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes

Now on Sale! Bakery and cupcake boxes in pink, white and chocolate.

Nashville Wraps Reusable Plastic Studio Bags

Recycled Plastic Studio Reusable Bags

Soft loop recycled and reusable plastic studio bags are affordable and eco–friendly.

Nashville Wraps Resealable Tape 1.2 Mil Cello Bags

Tape Resealable Cellophane Bags

Clear cellophane bags with a tape strip.

Nashville Wraps Kraft and White Gable Boxes

Kraft & White Gable Boxes

Kraft and white gable boxes are great for food service, take out and gifts.

Nashville Wraps Glassine Candy Bags

Glassine Candy Bags

Glassine candy bags are grease and moisture resistant.

Nashville Wraps Clear Food Containers

Clear Food Containers

Clear plastic containers and lids for food and cookies.

Nashville Wraps Compostable Portion Bags

Food Grade Bread and Portion Bags

Food safe portion and bread bags in several sizes.

Nashville Wraps Cupcake Holder Inserts

Cupcake Holder Inserts

Now on Sale! Cupcake box inserts for standard and mini size cupcakes.

Nashville Wraps Compostable Food Grade Tissue Sheets

Food Grade Tissue Paper

Natural unbleached food safe tissue is compostable and biodegradable!

Nashville Wraps Bio Pak Take Out Food Containers

Bio Pak Take Out Containers

Solid Kraft or window BioPlus Earth® takeout boxes in several sizes.

Nashville Wraps Tamper Evident Food Containers

Tamper Evident Containers

New Product! Clear food service containers with a tamper evident seal.

Nashville Wraps Insulated Coffee Cups

Insulated Coffee Cups

Groove insulated paper coffee cups in several designs and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Chinese Take Out Food Containers

Take Out Box Containers

FoldPak® Chinese style takeout boxes in Kraft or white.

Nashville Wraps Deli Container Combo Packs

Deli Container Combo Packs

Frosted Deli Containers with lids!

Nashville Wraps Glassine Lined Color Candy Bags

Glassine Lined Color Candy Bags

Paper candy bags in popular colors are wax lined, grease and moisture resistant.

Food Packaging Supplies

Design, quality, and sustainability are important factors to consider when choosing food packaging supplies for your bakery, restaurant, coffee shop, or other food service business. Knowing your main concern as a food business is in the creation of an enjoyable menu, we strive to make it easier on you when it comes to packaging. This is done by having a huge selection of attractive eco-friendly food service supplies in stock and ready to ship directly to you. Our goal is ensuring you have the products you need to run your business with efficiency and pride.

Types of Food Packaging

Recycled take out containers have poly liners which help maintain the desired temperature of food. The liners also help prevent leaks and are grease-resistant. Aside from the solid natural kraft take out box, we also have some available with windows.
Takeout boxes are available in white and brown natural kraft paperboard. Each color option is available in four different sizes and they all come pre-assembled for added convenience.
Plastic food containers are sold in a variety of sizes and shapes including tamper-proof options. Some containers have dividers which allow for a more diverse arrangement of products to display and sell. Plastic lids and shrink bands are also available to seal your plastic food packaging.
Bakery boxes: we have a large selection of sizes and colors, some window options as well. We even have specialty black bakery boxes that ship from the manufacturer. Cupcake inserts, cake pads, and bakers twine add functionality to our cake boxes.
Food Bags have an exuberant number of uses: including breads, cookies, or small gift and apparel items. Clear cellophane food bags, coffee bags, and candy bags are some of food bag options we offer.

Build Brand Recognition with Custom Food Packaging

By creating custom packaging specific to your business, or simply placing your logo on boxes, ribbons, and bags, you are setting yourself apart from other businesses who do what you do.
Custom labels are easily placed on plastic food containers, glassine bags, or small bakery boxes.
Custom coffee cups are a walking advertisement for your business.
We have the capability to bring you the style you need with fully customized packaging. Call to speak with one of our custom specialist Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm CST at 1-800-547-9727.