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Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Candy & Cookie Boxes

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

Now on Sale! Hinged window lid & attached ribbon for beautiful boxes!

Nashville Wraps Colorful Gift & Gourmet Boxes With Lids

Gourmet & Gift Boxes with Lids

Gourmet and gift boxes with lids are available in 4 sizes and many colors!

Nashville Wraps Macaron Cookie Boxes

Macaron Cookie & Candy Boxes

Slideout macaron cookie boxes in stunning colors!

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Candy Boxes

1 Piece Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! Folding 1 Piece candy gift boxes in gourmet colors.

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Rigid Window Boxes

Gourmet Rigid Window Boxes

Stylish candy boxes with clear window lids are made from a strong and rigid material.

Nashville Wraps Magnetic Gift Boxes

Magnetic Gift Boxes

Easy to use, popup gift boxes with a secure magnetic closure.

Nashville Wraps Clear Candy & Truffle Boxes 

Clear Candy & Truffle Boxes

Now on Sale! Clear plastic truffle boxes for candy and favor packaging.

Nashville Wraps Folding Presentation Boxes

Folding Presentation Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! Easy popup candy boxes with attached ribbon.

Nashville Wraps Clear Food Containers

Clear Food Containers

Clear plastic containers, lids & shrink bands for food and cookies. Available in many sizes and styles!

Nashville Wraps Slide Open Candy Boxes

Slide Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! Cookie boxes with slide open design & windows.

Nashville Wraps Rigid Truffle Candy Boxes

Rigid Truffle Candy Boxes

Deluxe truffle boxes for special occasions.

Nashville Wraps Candy Truffle Boxes

Candy Truffle Boxes

Now on Sale! Small truffle boxes for candy and favor packaging!

Nashville Wraps Candy Cups & Pads For Candy & Chocolate Makers

Candy Cups & Pads

Now on Sale! Paper candy cups and candy pads liners!

Nashville Wraps Clear Lid Colored Candy Boxes

Clear Lid Candy Boxes

Candy boxes with clear lids for food packaging!

Nashville Wraps Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Folding 1 piece candy boxes with a swirl window in the lid.

Nashville Wraps Candy Trays

Candy Trays

Now on Sale! Plastic candy trays keep candy and treats secure.

Rigid Candy and Gift Boxes

Rigid Candy and Gift Boxes

Sturdy gift boxes with lids for candy and gifts!

Nashville Wraps Single Layer Ballotin Candy Boxes

Ballotin Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! Folding 1 Piece Candy Boxes with a stylish tapered design.

Nashville Wraps Rigid Heart Candy Boxes

Heart Shaped Candy Boxes

Sturdy heart shaped candy boxes in beautiful colors!

Nashville Wraps Rigid Window Candy Boxes

Rigid Window Candy Boxes

Elegant rigid candy boxes with a clear window lid.

Paper Candy Boxes

Show off your handmade and specially crafted candy in one of our unique candy gift boxes. Our paper candy boxes are available in folding styles for flat storage, or rigid cardboard styles that require no set up. Most of our candy boxes are designed to fit our candy pads  or plastic candy trays , which give you the finished presentation while keeping your delectable treats safe during transport.

Cookie Boxes

Many of our boxes are suitable to use for cookies! Cookies can be an elaborate gift, with the newer technology of digitally printing cookies, fancy icing techniques, and decadent flavors- you need a box that can match the elegance of your treats! At Nashville Wraps, we have the varied selection that is sure to have the box you are looking for!

Macaron Boxes

Macaron cookies are one of the hottest treats in party planning and events! These special little cookies are being used in birthday parties, weddings and showers, just to name a few. Our macaron boxes are available in mix and match bulk packs, as well as smaller prepackaged sets. Choose from large windows, or die cut heart shaped windows designed for showcasing your cookies! These boxes are versatile and can be used for more than just macaron, some creative customers are also using these unique boxes for ties, socks and t-shirt packaging!

Truffle Boxes

Truffles are the original upscale candy! These amazing treats come with any kind of filling you could imagine; from peanut butter, creamy ganache, liqueur and more chocolate- the possibilities are endless! These delightful treats are also beautiful to look at, so windowed truffle boxes and clear truffle boxes are one of the best ways to display these treats! Sometimes the surprise unveiling is also a great presentation, so a lid without a window is preferred. At Nashville Wraps, you can have whatever your like!

Custom Printed and Bespoke Candy Boxes

If you do not see the box you are looking for, don't give up! Just reach out to one of our friendly custom agents at 1-800-547-9727! We would be thrilled to help you design a box that fits your needs. We will make sure that you get a box that matches your exact specifications no matter how large or small! Choose your sizes, colors, finish and even materials!

Or if you love one of our boxes, but would like to add your company name, logo or some nutrition information, we can help with that too! Check out our simple to understand guidelines on our Printed Gourmet Box page  for more information!