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Plastic Shopping Bags & Grocery Bags

Plastic Bags & Gift Bags

Plastic bags come in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. They are easy to store and light weight. Plastic bags are a great choice for retail stores for multiple reasons:

  • Plastic can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any strength.
  • Plastic bags are waterproof, and protect contents from the weather.
  • Low cost makes them affordable for even the smallest shops.
  • Many plastic bags are being made to meet the requirements of plastic bag bans in many states.

Plastic T-Shirt Bags

Plastic T-Shirt bags, or T-sacks, are the standard in most grocery stores and gift shops. The most popular are clear plastic bags and "thank you" plastic bags, but we offer a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. There are several sizes available, from small, medium, large, up to a jumbo size.

Plastic Merchandise Bags

Plastic merchandise bags are a good choice when you want something a little more fancy than a simple t-shirt bag. These plastic bags with handles come in a variety of solid color and clear options with die cut handles, including a cool wave top design. We also offer a plastic merchandise bag with loop handles, more like a gift bag. Most plastic merchandise bags are either flat or have a side gusset that expands to accommodate larger items. Our wave top and studio bags have bottom gussets that help the bag to stand. Add tissue paper or shred to customize the look and turn your simple plastic bag into a beautiiful custom gift bag.

Our plastic bags can be customized with your logo or design. Call our custom print department at 1-800-547-9727 or visit our Printed Plastic Bag page for more information.