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Pre-Tied Bows & Elastic Stretch Loops

Gift Bows

Gift bows complete the look of any package, and pre-made gift bows can really help speed up the wrapping process and create a uniform look for your gifts. These gift bows work on a wide range of products; from sealing a cello bag of candy or treats, wrapping a stretch loop around a gift box or even attaching to the handle of a gift bag . We offer such a wide range of bow materials and sizes, you will have no problem finding the right one to meet your needs.

Pre-Tied Bows

Pre-tied bows are small items with a huge number of uses. All of our pre-tied bows have a twist tie attached, so all you have to do is twist it around your item. These gift bows are great for closing cello treat bags, or they can be attached to the handle of a gift bag for a finishing touch. You can even attach it to a ribbon that has been wrapped around a wrapped gift. We have so many different materials and sizes to choose from:

  • Pre-tied satin bows are available in 3 sizes from small to large, and over 20 different colors.
  • Pre-tied raffia bows are made out of paper raffia. These adorable bows are available in more than 10 colors, and are great for cello treat bags.
  • Large pre-tied sheer organza bows and made out of 1-1/2" ribbon that has a sheer center and satin edge stripes. These bows are perfect for closing a cello basket bag.
  • Pre-tied striped bows are made with a striped grosgrain ribbon. These small bows are available in 13 colors, and are great for cello treat bags.
  • Small, pre-tied burlap bows can really compliment any natural product or packaging style.

Stretch Loops

Stretch loops are a simple way to secure a gift box or a jewelry gift box's lid, while adding a touch of style at the same time. They are made out of a stretchy elastic cord covered with metalized polypropylene coating, or satin threads. We have three styles available:

  • Stretch loop cords are round and thin only measuring 1/16", with a small pre-tied bow. These cords are available in five sizes that fit boxes ranging from small jewelry boxes all the way up to large apparel boxes. These cords are available in six colors, including both metallic and matte options.
  • Metallic stretch loops are a wide flat elastic band measuring ¼" with a pre-tied bow. These loops are available in four sizes, which fit boxes ranging from small jewelry boxes all the way up to large apparel boxes. They are available in metallic gold, silver or red.
  • Satin stretch loops are ½" wide and have a high end satin finish. These loops have a pre-tied bow and are available in two sizes and 13 rich colors.

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