Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Wholesale Shipping and Packaging Supplies

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X30

Color Tissue Paper 20x30

Solid Color Gift Tissue Paper in vibrant options.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 15X20

Color Tissue Paper 15x20

Gift Tissue Paper in bright and vivid colors.

Nashville Wraps Decorative Shipping Boxes

Decorative Mailing Boxes

Now on Sale! Boxes for your e–commerce shipping needs.

Nashville Wraps White Recycled Tissue Paper

White Recycled Tissue Paper

Bulk recycled white tissue paper for gift bags and boxes.

Nashville Wraps Kraft Recycled Tissue Paper

Kraft Recycled Tissue Paper

Brown Kraft Gift tissue paper.for bags and boxes.

Nashville Wraps Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal print tissue paper for gift wrapping featuring paw print, leopard and zebra designs.

Nashville Wraps Packing Paper Rolls and Sheets

Packing Paper Rolls & Sheets

Kraft and newsprint shipping paper rolls and sheets in several sizes.

Nashville Wraps Bulk Mailing Boxes

Mailing Boxes

Select sizes on sale! Shipping boxes for mailing ecommerce orders.

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Cut Paper Shred in Small Packs

Crinkle Cut Shred Small Pack

Now on Sale! Paper shred for gift baskets & boxes in small bags!

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade Assorted Color Tissue 20X26 Value Packs

Color Tissue 20x26 Value Packs

Value pack of 240 color tissue sheets.

Nashville Wraps Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Clear packing tape, shipping tape and gift wrapping tape in a variety of sizes.

Nashville Wraps Protective Bubble Cushion

Bubble Cushion

Perforated rolls of plastic bubble cushioning to ship items safely.

Nashville Wraps Packaging Stickers

Packaging Stickers

Now on Sale! Add a personal touch to mailers and bags.

Nashville Wraps Plastic Mailing Envelopes

Poly Mailers

Now on Sale! Plastic envelopes make e–commerce orders fast & easy.

Nashville Wraps Desktop and Shipping Tape Dispensers

Desktop Tape Dispenser

Desktop tape dispensers for office and shipping use are easy to refill.

Nashville Wraps Kraft Mailing Boxes

Kraft Mailing Boxes

Kraft Shipping Boxes are sturdy rigid boxes, perfect for mailing your items. Made in the USA and recyclable.

Nashville Wraps Packing Paper Sheet Prints

Packing Paper Sheet Prints

Recycled and recovered shipping paper sheets in various mixed prints.

Nashville Wraps Paper Mailing Envelopes

Paper Shipping Mailers

Mailing envelopes for your e–commerce shipping.

Retail Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Whether you need mailing boxes, packing paper rolls, bubble mailers, or poly mailers, Nashville Wraps has the packaging supplies you need to safely ship your e-commerce orders with ease. You can even find decorative tuck top mailing boxes, shrink wrap rolls and bags, and packing tape.

Poly Mailers

Packaging is the first thing your customer sees when they receive their e-commerce purchase. Add a little fun to your packages with our new colorful or printed poly mailers. Poly mailers from Nashville Wraps are durable, tearproof and waterproof. Thick co-extruded material is grey on the inside and white on the outside for a completely opaque mailer. The permanent adhesive strip provides a tamper evident seal. We offer these mailers in an assortment of popular sizes.

Custom poly mailers are also available, and are a great advertising tool for your online business. Call us at 1-800-547-9727, ext. 4, to talk to one of our custom print specialists today.

Paper Mailers

Paper shipping mailers are a great option for flat items. These unpadded mailers are a strong, economical and eco-friendly option. Each mailer comes with a peel and stick seal and is made of strong reinforced paper for tear and puncture protection. Let us help you custom print these mailers today!

Plastic Bubble Cushion

Air bubble packaging will help ensure that your products arrive to their destination damage-free. Bubble cushion is lightweight enough that it adds little to no shipping cost to your packages.

Packing Paper, Tissue Paper & Shred

Keep your items safe during shipping with packing paper. Our industrial shipping paper includes the standard light newsprint paper or heavy weight kraft packing paper. Or maybe you prefer Shred or Tissue Paper for a fun, colorful option.

At Nashville Wraps, we always want to give the most environmentally friendly options when possible, so we also offer our recycled assorted packing paper. This packing paper is very special to us, because it is how we started 40 years ago: a man with a dream and a paper rewinder. This paper is recovered from the textile industry, and turned into shipping paper. Assortments can contain floral prints, solid colors or geometric prints.

Shipping and Packing Tape and Tape Dispensers

Our selection of clear tape includes 1/2" and 3/4" Scotch Tape or Tesa Tape, double sided Scotch Tape, and 2" wide shipping tape. There is nothing worse than losing the edge of the tape. Our desk top tape dispenser will make this a distant memory. It allows you to put a single roll of 2" tape, or two rolls of 1" or less onto one dispenser. Each roll dispenses separately, so you can have regular tape, and double-sided tape in one dispenser.