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Custom Printed Belly Bands

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Belly Bands Are a Great Way to:

  • Create personalized packaging for weddings, special events, new product launches, or limited time offers.
  • Increase sales by identifying details like flavors, ingredients, and barcodes.
  • Brand your logo or special event on a plain box.
  • Create wrap-around branding for clothing items like socks, t-shirts, and ties, as well as food and gift items.
  • Easily add a seasonal touch to your stock packaging.
  • Personalize cards, invitations and books.
  • Brand gift items like handmade soap and candles.
  • Securely close 2-piece boxes.
  • Improve the shelf-appeal of your product.

Belly Bands Feature:

  • High-quality, 4-color process digital printing.
  • Quick turnaround options available to ship belly bands in 2-3 weeks.
  • Variable data options available to personalize each individual belly band for weddings and birthday parties.
  • Double-sided tape on the back makes it easy to adjust fit for variances in your product.
  • Economical pricing for branding your product.

Belly Band Pricing

    Price Per Band
Size Dimensions 100 200 500 1000 5000
#4 1.5 x 6" -or- 1 x 8" $1.93 $0.98 $0.42 $0.30 $0.22
#6 3.75 x 8" -or- 1.5 x 10.25" $2.02 $1.05 $0.48 $0.33 $0.23
#14 2 x 10.25" -or- 1.75 x 14.5" $2.03 $1.08 $0.52 $0.43 $0.33
#18 1.75 x 10.25" $2.03 $1.08 $0.52 $0.37 $0.28
#20 1.75 x 12.5" $2.03 $1.08 $0.52 $0.40 $0.32
#21 1.75 x 12.5" $2.03 $1.08 $0.52 $0.45 $0.35
#80 3 x 14.5 -or- 2 x 18" $2.08 $1.13 $0.57 $0.65 $0.50

Available Papers

White Cardstock

White Kraft   White Kraft paper for Belly Bands

Color Papers - Text Weight

Kraft   Kraft paper for Belly Bands   Pink Kraft   Pink Kraft paper for Belly Bands
Yellow   Yellow paper for Belly Bands   Calypso Pink Kraft   Calypso Pink Kraft paper for Belly Bands
Light Green   Black Kraft paper for Belly Bands   Purple Kraft   Purple Kraft paper for Belly Bands
Green Kraft   Green Kraft paper for Belly Bands   Maroon Kraft   Maroon Kraft paper for Belly Bands
Blue Jazz Kraft   Blue Jazz Kraft paper for Belly Bands   Red Kraft   Red Kraft paper for Belly Bands
Navy Blue Kraft   Navy Blue Kraft paper for Belly Bands   Gray Kraft   Gray Kraft paper for Belly Bands
Black Kraft   Black Kraft paper for Belly Bands        

Artwork and Files

  • Pricing based per individual item ordered (can not combine orders to reach a quantity level)
  • White 8 point C1S card stock or any one of our kraft color 100 papers can be used for the belly band
  • Above pricing based on us receiving digital-ready artwork
  • Pricing for custom belly bands (1 x 6" to 12 x 18") available upon request

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